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Cellphone Sterilizer LY-S118

Cellphone Sterilizer LY-S118

Model: LY-S118


LY-S118 Multi-function Sterilizer is the latest small disinfection product in Linyang in 2016. The main function of the product is disinfection, aromatherapy and charging for mobile phone and other small objects, such as toothbrush, masks, jewelry, ladies underwear, and so on.

Press fragrance or disinfection button to start function. After 6 minutes disinfection or 8 minutes aromatherapy, it is shut off automatically. The functions can work at the same time.

The disinfection principle is using UV light to carry out sterilization. The UV lamp wavelength is 253.7nm. UV radiation can damage DNA and alter the structure of microbial, such as E.coli, influenza virus, botulinum, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus, H1N1 viruses and other bacteria.

This product has related design patent, utility model patent, CE&ROHS certification and so on.


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